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Online Guide to Flooring & Carpeting

Welcome to My Flooring! - The complete guide to all floor types. Hopefully, you will enjoy your stay here, as many other visitors already have done in the past.

This site is built mainly for do it yourselfers and people that are looking for services, but it's also helpful for installers and people working in the field.

You’ve done your part and got here, now it’s our job to get you the information you need. So here’s a short overview of what you can find on the site:

Types of Floors

Types of Floors

Introductory articles to all floor types such as hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate, bamboo, vinyl and many more… what they’re made of, what they’re useful for and other general facts.

Floor installation Guides

Installation Guides

Having trouble getting that floor installed? My Flooring contains guides to all installation types.

Design Ideas

Design Ideas

Choosing the right floor is just as important as choosing, say, your room’s color, your drapes, or your furniture. These design ideas will help you make a choice in this direction.

Floor Restoring Guide

Restoring Guide

Restoring floors is quite big nowadays, because no one really has the time & energy to go through a full remove & replace process” targeted at the floor.
We provide several restoration guides that might prove invaluable in your work.

Tools & Products

Tools and Product Reviews

This is the stuff that we find most useful, trustworthy and quality. Check out these reviews and decide for yourself if we have good taste in tools and accessories. Coming Soon...

Floor Care

Floor Care

If you manage to maintain yourfloor the way it should be maintained, you could increase its life span, pigment intensity and shine it will output. This section lets you in on a few floor care secrets.

Stores List

Online Stores List

Looking for the best deals on the market? Look no more, we’ve rounded up the best online stores that contract deals in the market. If you’re looking for a specific product, chances are big that you’ll find it here. Coming Soon...

Installation & Cleaning Directory ListingInstallation & Cleaning Directory

Happen to need an installer? How about a cleaner, or someone to refinish your hardwood floor? Regardless of what you need, here is a list of people working in the field that you might find interested. Coming Soon...

Remember, the website is still in progress, so some of the stuff has a “Coming Soon” tag to it. Make sure you check back regularly to get your dose of fresh information on all floor types and there surrounding fields.

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